Mission completed #4 / #5 

The parade yesterday went really well! First of all no one sprained their ankle, or got hurt! Praise YAH! It was truly a blessing to be able to be apart of something like that for the Lord!! It was fun to be able to spread joy into the hearts of many! It was also fun to hang with our dance group after the parade, the fellowship was a blessing! As I am writing this my sister and i are currently getting ready to go forth in another ministry assignment, in a couple of minutes actually! I thank God for allowing my sister and I to be able to use our gifts and talents to bless people! Up next is the ever so anticipated dance recital, can’t wait!!😄😄

Mission complete! #2 / #3

I can finally now say…MISSION COMPLETE! The piano recital went amazing it was really fun! It was great seeing all the friends and family that came out to support us, i am thankful to those that went out of their way to make it! But not only am i able to say mission complete about that assignment but yesterday my sister and i danced upon request at our friends’s book release party! Not only was it a blessing to them but it was a tremendous blessing to us! Another mission completed this past weekend was the aquring of an upright piano! My sister and i from the begining have always played on a keyboard, so to be able to finally get an upright piano (one step closer to a grand piano 😉) was.. unfathomable! I am very happy..as you can tell😁!  I am forever thankful to God and those that helped make this happen! Let’s just say that it’s about to get a little more musical around the Gladden household!😉 Next up to tackle is dancing in the Gwinnett parade!😅😊 

Thank you! 🙌🙏🙌

   As Thanksgiving is approaching I am reminded yet again that i have SO much to be thankful to the Lord for! This past Wednesday while at dance I received a minor sprain in my ankle….and for those close to me YES AGAIN(just not as severe)! However, though this happened I am still grateful because though I can’t dance much now, I can still dance in the upcoming recital! I thank the Father it was not as worse as it could have been! For a split second I was truly worried, for in this upcoming dance recital I am blessed to be Mary mother of Jesus, a lead dance part. All I saw was the ground and I couldn’t help thinking “What if I can’t dance AT ALL yet alone in the recital in less than a month away!” So I praise God for preserving my praise to him through dance!🙌🙌🙌 I also thank God for my friends support❤❤❤, how much they have checked up on me, and it was only 2 days ago! So I hope that me sharing some of the things that I am thankful for will cause you to take a closer look at your week, feel free to comment some of the things you are thankful for!

Mission completed!😌

The ministry assignment we had yesterday went really well! The connections we made were awesome! There were so many great entrepreneurs at the event it was really inspiring! The people really liked the spoken word we did, they gave us awesome feedback, it was very encouraging! So I can now say Mission Completed!😅🖐🖑 Now to conquer next Sunday our piano recital!

What in The World Has Liberty Been Up To?!?🤔…

Hey…Its Liberty! (eh maybe not the exclamation mark…). As you guys know i have not been posting…anything…absolutely nothing…NOTHING, for the last couple of eh i don’t know..YEARS😩. Yea, well i guess you want an update on my life so here it goes. I am now a teenager ( yep, year 13 is under my belt!). I have enrolled in a new school ( i am still home-schooled though 😉 ). I still dance, mostly ballet ( I still love it too! XD). I also play Guitar, and piano( I love music!). And my not so petty excuse is I MOVED, you know the mess that comes with that, but might i add, it was a very blessed mess😂! Also taking place was the passing of some( not one )very close loved ones…. some of which are my God Mother and Father as well as my Grandpa, I still have that to get over. However, I  do still write for the Lord and love to do so! Also, i am anticipating (you should too) the release of our second book😆(My sister and I)! Its been busy around the Gladden house hold one reason being, that recitals are popping up, and the end of the school semester is following, as well as ministry assignments approaching. matter a fact my sister and i go to minister at an event tomorrow. So…its been busy but even through these things God has shown himself! during my “away time” i’ve come to learn and understand even more so what a stable God He is, how when people, expectations, etc let you down God is still there, He’s not just there though He’s there for YOU! I now am officially done with my little explanation of… where I’ve been, so you can leave now. But before you do, show me some love, let me know in the comments or by liking this post how you are feeling today! Also, its not your eyes, i changed the layout of this blog.. you like??😜


Have you heard of the saying,

“You’re a blank canvas just waiting to be painted on?”

Well, after you’re painted on Where are you going to go?

Are you just going to sit there waiting for souls to show?

Or are you going to get out there and express yourself and find them yourself?

This is a question to be asked.

If you answer, there are some side effects.

Some people, may not like you,

 Some people may not be people at all

But you have to be willing, to be in a gallery

Where people can see you and realize, who you truly are in God.

Written by Liberty gladden

Inspiration: I’ve always heard this expression, but I always wondered in the spiritual world where are you going to go once you are painted on?

age 10 2014 July 2nd

An update in my world

Hey all you out there I wanted to say thanks for liking my poems and posting encouraging comment’s thank you all so much. I will be posting more audio posts now that I know how to do them thanks to my mom. So an update in my world is what I will be talking about so let’s get started. First I haven’t been feeling my best lately so that would be the answer to why I have not been posting more audio posts. But I will continue to write more on my blog. Also my sister and I have a Godtube channel called liberty and glory so feel free to check it out.so that was my update stay tuned for more posts by me Liberty Gladden.

Happy Thanks Giving

Hi this is Liberty Gladden and I just wanted to say happy Thanks Giving!!!!! Oh and don’t worry I do know that Thanks Giving was a month ago, but I want to say that it does not have to be Thanks Giving in order to be thank-full. The reason why is because I know that there are plenty of things to be thankful for that happens almost every day. So I would like, if all of you could put in the comments what you are thankful for. It could be simple or not so simple. I know I am thankful for my family and still living and being able to have good health and also to be able to serve the God I love Jesus Christ so Happy Thanks Giving and be on the lookout for more writings. Over and out.



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